How Barter Works

When you put Barter to Work for Your Business – you keep your competitors wondering and beaten!

With a Barter or Trade system with NCE TRADE – you get a powerful tool that helps provide cutting edge solutions for your businesses with accessible inventories. As a business owner – when you accept payment in trade dollars in place of cash, you will maximize efficiency as this helps you increase inventory turnover or billable hours. By utilizing the trade dollars earned, your organization/business will be able to purchase goods or services as desired and without having to pay cash. You enjoy these benefits as an NCE Trade Broker works with you to bring your business new sales and enlarged market share, moving available inventory, and minimizing cash expense for daily business overheads.

As a business owner and an NCE member, you receive a supplementary form of currency for payment and you are completely at liberty to buy a product or service within the NCE network. Customers on the platform utilize ‘trade dollars’ in place of cash to take care of all their transactions and National Commerce Exchange NCE provides you with an alternate distribution network. As a business owner – this means that you can charge retail value for goods and services in ‘trade dollars’ – rather than selling them for reduced prices in cash or worse off having them un-patronized or unsold. No more worries – as NCE is established to help you build your business by bringing new customers and clients your way – and saving you more while making more profits in the process.

Benefits of Trading

NCE Barter Helps Business Generates New Customers

At National Commerce Exchange – our mission is to ensure businesses acquire loads of new customers and make massive sales converting to more profit. At NCE trade platform – we help you fully maximize your market potentials as you expand your market while also maintaining your cash paying clients.

We have made everything almost seamless and as well positioned online – you are sure to have new customers coming straight to deal with you as they bypass competitors in your niche to do business with you.

NCE Barter Helps You Save Cash and Upsurge Profits:

With NCE Barter – you benefit from new customers who are ready to pay with their products or services and save cash and this is highly benefiting as a majority of businesses have preference for trading and conserving cash.

NCE Barter Also Helps to Clear Excess Inventory:

As a business owner, you have to keep your inventory moving in the right direction. Every now and then – consumers seek for the latest merchandise available in the marketplace and NCE Barter is designed to help bring you buyers to move excess inventory, reducing or removing associated advertising expenditures and other avoidable outlays. National Commerce Exchange will also coordinate the sales of your excess inventory, while also helping you get the best likely prices for your goods/services. This lets you to conserve your present pricing integrity as well as increasing your return on investment ROI.

NCE Trade Increases Business Productivity by Filling Downtime and Unused Capacity:

We help you achieve your goals all thru the year i.e. 12 months of 100% productivity, and this is because we help you fill your idle periods with new business opportunities and then you will have trade dollars to buy whatever you require.

Networking within NCE Barter Platform Helps Expand Your Customer Base:

NCE Barter clients/consumers will provide you all of the cash referrals that your current clients offer. And you will attract new cash paying consumers as well – in as much as you give your barter clients the same awesome services and pricing as you provide to others.

Goods/ Services

NCE Trade registered members come from all walks of business categories – and goods and services are being added to the network on daily basis. Once you register today and become a member, you will be entitled to:

Get our weekly emails
Right of entry to our Travel Department
Admittance to our Media Department to help you with your advertising requirements
An individual Trade Broker to support you with your sales and purchases

Right of entry to members’ services such as:

  • General Goods and Services
  • Hospitality Goods and Services
  • Restaurants Goods and Services
  • Amongst others