NCE TRADE as a company was established by a group of experts with long term experience in the field of business marketing and management and was officially launched in 1980.

The National Commerce Exchange (NCE) is a well-positioned company that delivers businesses with profitable and practical solutions and which help to satisfy clients marketing and financial needs both in the short and long run with potentials for high returns on investment ROI.

Our operations at NCE now boasts of over 2,500 businesses that trade with one another for the goods and services they need, and with more and more entrants on daily basis, we take full pride in being one of the largest trade organizations of its kind in the country.

We are set for one goal and that is to help open business opportunities and new channels for new customers, offering them additional marketing outlets for all of their brands.

On this platform, you can now trade your products outside of existing distribution channels, and enjoy the benefits of new markets for future sales and increase in overall business volume. With increased sales volume, you fully maximize your business productivity.

NCE helps you overcome costly bankruptcies and marketing costs

With the goal to help businesses grow and profit, NCE business solutions also involves handling overstocked, seasonal, and clearance inventories and also provides distinctive and practical opportunity for any business or company to exploit great profit prospects they wouldn’t be able to elsewhere. NCE will buy up excess, slow moving, and obsolete inventories at a good price that will permit quick and sustainable recovery for total cost of goods and of profit margins in goods/services that would rather be greatly discounted, traded at a loss, or merely written off.

NCE will help businesses maximize profit potentials of overstocked merchandise

NCE TRADE provides the platform for businesses to quickly recover value of any under-performing resources or assets, including those of real property leases or ownership interests, trade claims, blocked currencies, used machinery, and other capital equipment such as corporate aircraft – amongst other areas. Our definition for underperforming assets means an asset whose book value surpasses their market value. Understanding this, NCE TRADE is set to help purchase business underperforming assets at – or close to their book value.